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Full Version: Approval of plugins translations
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Hello there,

Someone sent me a translation for a plugin I did, and I add it using the "Manage translation" link. But it seems that the approval must be done by the MyBB team, not by the project owner.

If it is this way, I can understand that it is for security, but I suggest to let the plugin manager to validate or refuse the translation, and having the possibility to ask to have the translation setted "Stable" (verified by team ?).

After having uploaded the translation, I've added the person as collaborator (to let him send directly his files), will he have to wait for the team validation each time he will submit another translation ?

I think that since a plugin is validated, the owner must be responsible of it for "dev" releases (builds, translations an previews) and the team should interven only to validate when asking to set to stable.

What about this idea ?
Idk... If user want plugin, he will try it even at dev.

It need to be reviewed at dev and stabile, and in my opinion, at all relases, but that's too much job.