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Full Version: Wont load pages
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Hey, Having some issues with my site

When someone clicks one of the forum links on my site it doesnt change the page to what they click. It remains on the index but it changes to the link in the browser. People must then refresh it to get it to open the page displayed in the browser. Any help about what to look for that could be causing this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Danny
I'm not sure what you mean. I clicked around and it seems to be working fine.
same here i also checked and it works fine
**Also FYI - facebook login does not work.
Thanks for help. It was an issue caused by the scm music player which I found at

Don't suppose either of u fancy testing it and telling me how I could get it to work without the side effect.

Alternatively I could put it back up and u guys could take a look?