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Full Version: Security Question During Registration Here
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I would like to be able to better understand why my answer to the security question resulted in this:

"The answer you entered is not correct." <-- in red font, by the way.  No surpsrise that.

The question was:

"Is this question annoying?"

My answer was:


I have the screenshot.  In fact, I have all the screenshots during the registration process.  It's just the way I do things on the Net.  Nothing special about this site and my handling of registration here.  I do the same thing everywhere.

Again, I would like to know what went wrong with that part of the registration process, because my answer was quite correct.

Thank you.

And sorry my first post on this site is of a nature that would cause some concern for some folks.

Actually, I also have another question that came to mind before the security question and that has to do with the registration agreement.  There is something in that which is also not correct.  Or possibly we could state that it is something that is not logical and somebody might want to be made aware of it.

Oh yes, I did use the search engine about the security question, but all the resulting threads listed seemed to be about the security question plugin.  If I am repeating a question that has already been covered, please excuse my error.

And thank you for your attention to my question(s).

<> <> <> <> <>

EDIT:  I suppose I'll just put this here and take the raps for doing so.  I am afraid I have found another mistake, here:

Quote:Board Title
This is simply the title of the forum your importing from. This helps us weed out duplicates.
Obviously, that should be you're or you are.
let me thank you for posting your views with clear details.

for the security questions we are not expecting a full stop with the answer. viz., No. should be No

regarding the documentation, we admit that there are errors & mistakes and they will be rectified
I guess the answer is yes because the question is indeed annyoing and even caused you to post this long thread? Toungue
With all due respect, Destroy666, I beg to differ.  I was not the least bit annoyed by the security question.  The presence of the security question was not why I started this thread.  I have seen those on forums for a fair number of years now.  I have at least one site that has such a device to keep the bots away.

It seems, though, that using proper punctuation was the problem.  I'll want to set that up differently, if we decide to migrate to the MyBB platform.

And I am wondering if any of you admin folks are interested in the second reason for my thread here?  I made note of another problem, and it is fitting that so far it is the admin team that is posting here, because it directly relates to you folks.

Well, I will confess I haven't actually checked here to be sure you folks using that red font for your User ID are admin types, but as that is the way it pretty much is on forums all over the planet, I hope I'm right.

Anyway, the security question is no annoyance to me or anyone on my staff.  In fact, it is a useful tool.

<> <> <>

By the way, I was looking for the place in my user control panel to put a signature, but I couldn't find it.  I see below this post right now, though, that there is a radial button for a signature.  What did I miss?  Or is this determined by a ceratin number of posts, first?
When you visit your user cp, at right side you have edit profile, avatar, password, e-mail and signature functions.

I don't know is that determined by a number od posts...
The security questions will let you add as many answers as you like I believe; I guess if the answer is a word or collection of words, though, things like punctuation and spelling errors will always be an issue.
(2015-03-27, 02:56 PM)Ikerepc Wrote: [ -> ]When you visit your user cp, at right side you have edit profile, avatar, password, e-mail and signature functions.

I don't know is that determined by a number od posts...

Thank you for taking time to post on that issue, Ikerepc, but I saw no place for entering a signature when I uploaded my avatar and I still don't see any such edit button for signature after what was my second post here.  Maybe I have to do 5 posts before I am given that option.

Not really such a big deal.  I only made mention of it because I saw that radial buttton below a text box for doing the last post ... in fact, I'm seeing that same arrangement down below again and that's not really a radial button.  It's just a click to enable.  Kind of odd that.  Here, let me see if I can copy those two.

Quote:Signature: include your signature. (registered users only)
Disable Smilies: disable smilies from showing in this post.

In fact, there are radial buttons below that for subscribing options, but I thought I already set that once before.  I have to reset that subscribing thingy every time I post?  I thought I set something for that back a few days for all threads I post in when I was messing about in the User CP.

Oh well, I'll get the hang of this, but I have to keep notes of my first impressions / first experiences because if we switch to this software I'll want to be prepared for what our board members will be experiencing the first time they go through all this like I am these early days.  Actually, I should have some of my people come on here and see what they think.

Anyway, just wanted to say thank you Ikerepc.

Matt., I trust that board owners can tweak the system so punctuation is not a problem, yes?

I'm also guessing that I was wrong here on this site about the identification of admin by the red User IDs.  Either I was wrong or you folks have a heck of a lot of admin folks around here.  Day or so ago I saw four or five red User IDs all logged on at the same time.
So, all staffs who work at mybb are orange. If you want to ask them / admins something, you can post in ptivate inquiries.

You can, when making security question, set answers. You can have as many answers as you want, so you can write answers with puncutation too.

On your board, you make decision how many posts users need and if they need before they can change username / avatar / signature.

I would prefer making test forum, at least at free host with some free domain to test it. That's best way how you and your users will be able to see all it's functions.
Appreciate the attention to the questions. We'll be okay poking around here and using this as a kind of test, so to speak. This will be fine.

We have experience with ASP boards and I have one using phpBB and another a few of us run also using phpBB, but one board has to be changed away from phpBB to another software platform and I suspect we found a theme here we can use and I already did some research on some other matters related to MyBB, so I think we'll be using you folks.

Regarding signatures, I'm pretty sure you require 10 posts in order to add a signature. However, the options to include a signature still exist when creating a post as your signature will then be applied at a later date (if enabled) to your past posts. This is controlled by a board setting, so you can set a different minimum number of posts required for a signature, allow them by default for certain groups of users, disable them entirely for some other groups of users, and more.

Regarding staff/admin users, there are several team members, with varying roles. We have developers (such as myself), support team members (who handle user support), community team members (who handle community interactions and PR), and SQA team members (who handle software quality assurance). We also have the management team (Stefan and Chris), who manage the overall project. So yes, there are a few of us all performing different roles. And yet, it sometimes feels like too few Smile
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