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Full Version: error when attaching images to a post
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i just installed mybb ver 1.8.4
added a few plug ins and set about testing everything out,
all seems to work so far except when trying to upload an image file to a post,

the image appears to upload ok, but does not appear in the post ?

and when viewing the post, and clicking on where the thumbnail should be

i get this error


i have checked the image and it seems to be fine,
the uploads folder has a folder with the date of the image upload with these two files inside it,


the uploads folder has permissions set at 777

attacment settings are set as show thumbnail,
i have tried many different settings in acp without success,

where am i going wrong here ?
any help much appreciated on this Blush
Have you tried disabling all plugins to see if it's plugin related?
(2015-03-28, 04:53 PM)ThemeFreaknet Wrote: [ -> ]Have you tried disabling all plugins to see if it's plugin related?

thanks for your reply

it was a plug in related problem Blush

the plug in  that caused it was " custom restrictions"

whats strange is that was the first plug in i deactivated when testing for the problem, and i still got the problem with that plug in deactivated!
 i disabled all of the plugins and added them back one at a time
but it was only after a second attempt and i reactivated them in a different order and suddenly it worked

not sure if it was in conflict with one of the other plugins when both were activated or not?

many thanks for your suggestion. Smile