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Full Version: import database problem
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i have recreate mybb forum and have a database backup of my forum . i have drop mybb_threads table and import existing tables but no threads show on my forum ....?

forum url :
if you have dropped mybb_threads table then threads can not appear on the forum
then what can i do ...?

i mean first i have dropped mybb_threads table of new forum and then import mybb_threads table of existing forum .
^ such method doesn't work. can you tell us your exact requirement with the details
i want to import all threads & users to my new forum . I have import users table successfully .
you have to import threads table and posts table (assuming that database version is the same)
you mean i also have import mybb_posts table
^ yes.
o.k .

not workink please help someone ...?
You can't do it as simply as that. There are many other tables associated with threads and posts - threadsread, treadsubscriptions, attachments, moderatorlog, polls, etc. Importing only these 2 tables to another forum may result in buggy data or forum behavior.

Using the merge system will probably be the best solution for you.
EDIT: or, if I read correctly now - if you're recreating a forum, just import the whole backup.