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Full Version: Custom profile field data show outside of profile and postbit
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So like the title says, I'd like to have a custom profile field which users can enter an image, and have this show up not only in those two options: profile and postbit. I'd like the option to call that variable in other areas of my forum like for last poster of a thread. I intend to use this like a mini-avatar in other parts of the site, I just don't know which files to edit in a variable definition for this (if any). I don't know enough php syntax to do this.

I do realize that there is a plugin for this, but it is not compatible with an even more necessary plugin and messes up my site when I have them both running. Any suggestions?

Help is certainly appreciated! Or if it's simply too complicated, please tell me Smile
What plugin do you currently have to do this? I am having a hard time understanding what you want but if you can post the plugin that does what you need, maybe we can give more advice.

Thank you.