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Full Version: Squared Themed Help (by eNvy)
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Hello, I'm trying to change the colors of this theme by eNvy to better suit my taste. Can someone tell me how I get there and how to change the colors?

My forums website is
I also need help changing the About us on the footer
could you be more specific on what color you wanna change... basically it should be changed from the global.css file

ACP >> Themes >> Your Theme >> Square.css >> search for "background" and change color codes appropriately for the required elements...

About Us can be found in the footer templates

ACP >> Templates >> Your Theme's Templates >> Footer Templates >> footer
I want to change the light blue to black and the dark blue to #29C0C1
ACP >> Themes >> Square Theme >> Square.css

search for .thead... change "background: #005ea7;" to "background: #000;"

ACP >> Themes >> Square Theme >> global.css

search for .tcat.... change "background: #003965;" to "background: #29C0C1;"