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Full Version: Registration error
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There are an registration error in Mybb 1.8.4 .
When i want to register on my forum from mobile devices i have got many errors see below screen shots .

More screen shots here
what is the theme you are using ? can we have forum url
i'm using default theme ,
forum url is
looks like that is a problem with the device / browser in the device
btw, what is that NulledFree title in the screenshots ?
i have tested it two forums #TaleemiMaktab #NulledFree
well, I was not aware that MyBB's stock theme (default theme) had become fully responsive with the mobile devices !
how i solve this issue ...?
does javascript work fine with your mobile device browser ? which browser you are using with the device ?
i'm using opera mini 7.1 on my symbian device .
Do you require filling any profile field on registration? If yes, there is a typo bug which breaks the validation in some browsers and will be fixed in MyBB 1.8.5: But I guess it's rather a problem of the Validate jQuery plugin not working with Opera Mini for outdated Symbian, nothing can be really done in that case.
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