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Full Version: Prototype.js breaks theme
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Didn't know if this should be in theme or plugin support.
So, I installed MyShoutBox on my forums (MyBB 1.8), installed the plugin.
It worked fine for a while. Then I got a new theme. Majestic - 1.8x Series Dark Edition
So, I put the ShoutBox into the index page and put the prototype.js in the headerinclude for the theme. The customisation won't work, nor will anything on the bar with the username on the right side if prototype.js is in the headerinclude.
Is there a way to get the plugin and theme to work?
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its better to remove MyShoutbox & prototype.js - instead you can use dvz shoutbox
Okay, thanks for the help! Big Grin

Before I leave this thread for good, how do you align this?
[Image: s20Pvfn.png]
you can add below style property at the bottom of theme's global.css
#shoutbox .user {float: none;}
Okay, thanks.