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Full Version: Enable emails?
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MyBB v1.8.3.
All attempts for emails to be sent from the forum to users are so far unsuccessful. I personally subscribe to the forum but have never received an email about new posts. As I'm an Administrator I attempted to use the mass mail feature but no emails have been received.

I originally thought that maybe my VPS host was blocking SMTP port 25, but they claim it is not blocked.

Does email have to be physically enabled in php maybe?
are you using domain based mail account (eg. [email protected]) ? who is the web host (is it a reseller ?)
Our MyBB forum is hosted on a remote VPS. MyBB advertises the ability to send emails for all sorts of reasons, but nobody is receiving them. That's why I thought I hadn't unblocked/enabled/turned on something to allow them.
have you checked if system mail error logs exist ? if so can you quote recent error
admin panel >> tools & maintenance >> System Mail Log
Thank you, didn't think to look there and a major clue:

MyBB was unable to send the email using the PHP mail() function.

Is this something controllable within MyBB or is it to do with the VPS host?
^ contact the host.
Thank you, learning a few things here.
Turns out I don't have a Mail Transport Agent (MTA) installed in our Debian distro. I have been recommended Sendmail or Postfix; does anybody recommend one over the other, or have a better suggestion?