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Full Version: Sql import help
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New to mybb.. I need help importing a database sql dump that i have to mybb 1.6 can someone tell me how to do it! The sql dump was before ipb 3. I havent touched the database sql for sometime now so i wanna use it on mybb 1.6!

Someone help please would really appreciate it.
do you mean that you have ipb3 database and you want to use it for MyBB
if so, see MyBB Merge system
Yes but i tried mybb merge i need to put database details but i dont have my old host database!
^ you have SQL dump of ipb3 - that can be imported to a new database on your web host to use for the Merge system
Ive tried its big sql! When i import it to phpmyadmin its lags me out while its uploading...
how huge it is ? you can try using bzip version (try compressing with 7-zip) or make parts of zip / gzip archive
if you are comfortable in paying then you may hire experienced persons here
46k members! Very huge also leave it then dont trust anyone online lol. Thanks.
jfi, most of the regular members here are honest people.
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