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Full Version: Forum category problems
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Ok so I'm helping someone edit a theme of mine, one of his categories isn't aligning properly.

The same thing happens even when reverting my Vienna templates all to default MyBB forum templates

I noticed in his ACP, one of his forum descriptions doesn't show in his ACP yet it doesn't on his index, also he's missing a Subforum on his index, again it shows in his ACP.

His site is

Pics showing below.


Andrew, that's a category inside another category; you need to style that.

Maybe the problem with the "cPanel Support" subforum lies on the permissions, check if this forum can be seen by guest and users (If the forum doesn't have posts, delete and create a new one).

It was styled as vienna but I reverted all his Forumbit templates back to default thinking it might be a theme issue, Also "Cpanel support" subforum can't even be seen as an admin.
forumbit_depth2_cat template needs to be modified too, not only forumbit_depth2_forum