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Full Version: Quote Problem
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i have qoute problem on my forum when i select any post for qoute it shows strange text in text area like this :
{"message":"[quote='*Arslan*' pid='140' dateline='1425732223']\n[b]Plugin Name :[\/b] Todays Online\r\n\r\n[b]Description :[\/b]Shows the user that has been online within 24 hours .\r\n\r\nDownload Below Attachment File For Free .\n[\/quote]\n\n"}
provide forum url & a test user account so that someone can check the issue
Url :

user : Testuser
pass : 123456

i have face this problem in Chrome & Firefox on windows 8.
Salam (Peace on You)!

I have Visited Your Good Website; Please try this:

Open template 'postbit_quote'.

Replace with:

<a href="newreply.php?tid={$tid}&amp;replyto={$post['pid']}"><img src="{$theme['imglangdir']}/postbit_quote.gif" alt="{$lang->postbit_quote}" title="{$lang->postbit_quote}" /></a>
Hopefully it would work! Smile
o.k i will try .

bump ....?
Solved . The problem causing due to SCeditor Plugin .