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Full Version: Nice April Fool...
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OMG! when i receive email from mybb blog, i thought 2.0 launched it's first release, and after reading Email title i shocked, what "Watch"? i never thought and never heard about this before, then went in blog read about post and then somehow can't stop myself to click on the link (watch sub domain) and really amaze to see nice landing page and thought this is really surprising... and slowly slowly scroll and after reaching at "Find Out More" you broke my heart... LOL.

Big FOOL with me today, i didn't even it's first April. nice try MyBB team specially @Tom K and "Mizanur Rahman".
You guys went through a lot of trouble to pull it off!
Still applauding....
Was very excited about a MybbWatch....hyper excited
I only found out it was April Fools when I clicked the order link...
you guys sure went through a lot to get us.......
(2015-04-01, 07:40 AM)Euan T Wrote: [ -> ]Wink

ok so I open the blog link on my email thinking that it's about MyBB 2.0 updates. Floored to see a watch ! A MyBB watch announcement on April 1st, really? Who would want a watch running discussion forums, I am thinking. I went on to click and wow, a fully developed page, Weird to see a pricing section, that's the least expected to see on this site. Impatient to read through all the contents, I scroll down and I see the April fools there! I've been fooled once by Google before but not today Toungue !

Thanks for the laughs !
I thought it was 100% real until I got to the bottom of the page. But I read it on the night of Mar 31, 2015 so it wasn't April Fool's yet but any later and it wouldn't have got me. XD
I tried my best Wink
Not again MyBB!

The first thing I did was to look closely the date into the calendar. After that, I start automatically to laugh, because some friends of mine come to skype to tell me "you need to see this, it's awesome, look! mybb watch"... hahaha.

Edit: The general idea is good, maybe not for a new product but.. who knows... in the near future, with the "smart watches" and a nice responsive design :o
Haha, Nice one
the joke did make me laugh..

but I'll admit that the site for the mybb watch looks better than the actual mybb site, unfortunately. the site just looks so much more modern than the new mybb site that was released when mybb 1.8 rolled out. Sad