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Full Version: Cannot redeclare get_server_load()
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I get this error at the bottom of every page for some reason.

I noticed that when I press [get more] at the smilies section it displays that same error again.

Here's the full error:
Fatal error: Cannot redeclare get_server_load() (previously declared in /home/c/u/ftp_cubedthegamecom/forum/inc/functions.php:2224) in /usr/local/phpbin/php/anti_spam.php on line 1

My forum website is this:

Thank you!
What's anti_spam.php? Paste its content here.
Sorry for the short answer. I went to bed right after I wrote it.

I've fixed it by renaming the get_server_load() function to get_server_load1() and I've renamed every use of it in functions.php
I hope that won't backfire by the function being used other places.
If that is the case: Does someone know every file where the get_server_load() function is used?

Thank you!

Edit: I don't have access to anti_spam.php. It's a rented webserver.
(04-02-2015, 10:20 AM)HappyGuyDK Wrote: [ -> ]Edit: I don't have access to anti_spam.php. It's a rented webserver.
Perhaps you can ask them to disable it for you? Wink
It's fine guys!

I used Windows Grep (just found it) to search in every file of MyBB and found it in /[forum root]/global.php and /[forum root]/admin/modules/home/index.php and ofcourse /[forum root]/inc/functions.php

I just renamed them all to get_server_load1()

But thanks for the help!! I appreciate it!