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Full Version: Warning on forum display?
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I've been setting up a MyBB forum for my website, and everything was going well until this morning. Yesterday, we moved everything over to a new server, and ever since we've been getting:

Quote:[Warning [2] Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/www/public_html/inc/languages/english/vars_envy.lang.php:1) - Line: 1849 - File: inc/functions.php PHP 5.4.38 (Linux)

Along with these:

This is only occurring on the forumdisplay pages. Everything else (index, memberlist, etc) is totally fine. Please help!
please see this reply
(2015-04-03, 12:51 PM).m. Wrote: [ -> ]please see this reply

Thanks! I didn't have it encoded as UTF-8 without BOM. All is fixed now. Smile