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Full Version: Background Image/Colour
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Im currently trying to change the background for the whole site to one image

But even when i change the colour codes in the global.css the background does not change

can anyone help me im new to mybb but i know the basics on css.

you can add the background image to #content in the global.css (edit through admin panel & edit in advanced edit mode)
#content {background: url("") repeat scroll 0 0 #252525;}
Thanks is there a way to get the background of the logo to change aswell

When i change the logo background it takes the background off the rest of the site
^ you can try adding the same image as background to #container (through global.css)

Edit: actually adding background to #container should be sufficient
#container {background: url("") repeat scroll 0 0 #252525;} 
Yes that has worked thanks

One last thing it keeps repeating itself the whole way down the page like 10 times, is there a way to stop it
^ well, background image needs to be large enough to cover most part of the page (like desktop wallpaper)
there 1920 × 1200
^ you have to upload that image to your forum files server & use it so that full size can be utilized for background image
So i asked you all of this in the 1.6 and we actually run 1.8 and when i use the code u said it kinda stops me editing other things
I posted in 1.6 General forgeting we are on 1.8 now

And ive used the code i was provided with and it will now not let me edit some things