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Full Version: Add a new page to forums?
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Allright, so i was wondering how you add a new page, i know how to add the link to header. But an actual page, so as you see im using my "STAFF TEAM" but ton for an example here.
What i want is you press "Rules" And it goes to a page called rules.php that will fit with the website itself, like staff team does, but then show my rules there.
assuming that you are using MyBB 1.8.x , simple method is to use a pages plugin (eg. OUGC Pages)
allright, how do you install this? I am quite new to MyBB and installing mods doesn't seem to have worked in the past.

Also, was wondering if you know any plugin that allows rating of posts kinda like facepunch'es, "Agree, disagree dumb etc"
for plugin installation guidance see this reply and replies here
Found out how to install! Thanks! But do you know a rating addon? Big Grin

Allright just installed plugin library and it says this: am i not using 2.0?`If so can you tell me how to update forums
yes, but when i rate people it just says "error" how do i update to 2.0?
from where you have downloaded plugin library ? most probably you can ignore its version. it doesn't need installing.

regarding rating error, not sure about it. needs to be checked and its midnight for me ..