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Full Version: Question before merging
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^ have you tried running Recount & Rebuild tool at the tools & maintenance section of admin panel
Quote:Recount and Rebuild
The Recount and Rebuild portion of the Admin CP allows you to recount the various statistics, counters, and attachment thumbnails. This corrects any synchronization errors that may have occurred. This includes Recount Statistics, Rebuild Forum Counters, Rebuild Thread Counters, Recount User Post Counts, and Rebuild Attachment Thumbnails.

Each (excluding Recount Statistics) allows you to specify the number of data entries to process in each page. If there are fewer than the number entered to process, only one page will be used.

To run, enter the number of data entries you wish to process per page, and select Go in the row for the item you wish to recount or rebuild. If more than one page is necessary, you will need to select "Proceed" after each page is run.
Yes I did that... I even run the recount and rebuild again to make sure and it's the same. The Forum Counters matched the post count of the old forum and that's why I didn't notice until now that it's not showing the right number for the users posts. Even though all messages and threads seem to all be there. :/

No one knows how to fix this? It's really important, not for me because I don't care about the forum ranks. But most of my forum's users do. :/
Ok... So I realized we can manually update users post count. I will be doing that. It doesn't affect the forum posts count. Big Grin Since using the recount option didn't fix anything. Wink

Thanks for everyone's help!
Using this thread because it's related to the same thing.

I am doing this again now, the real forum on a real server (not localhost), and there's one thing I noticed. For example, here on the mybb forum, I'm user number 83752 and on my forum I am the admin, but I am user number 2 because I created an admin account for the mybb forum and when I merged everything from smf to mybb I got to be 2nd admin.

If I do it again, and use my username and password for the mybb forum, when I perform the merge will I become the first member of the forum?

How can I make myself user 1? Is it possible? Thanks Smile
^ after completing the Merge system, you can merge users in MyBB system
Thanks for the reply. Where do I do it?
^ please see this guidance => merge users
Thank you so much! Heart
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