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Full Version: Help Documents Not Updating at Front End
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When I change wording or go to add an extra section to the "Help Documents" in mybb 1.8 it updates within the admin area, but does not update in the forum itself.

If found the same query from November 2011 with the following answer

Looks like a bug, it's using the language string from ./inc/languages/english/helpdocs.lang.php instead of what's stored in the database. You can either change the string in the language file or run the following query in phpMyAdmin to make it use the database values:

This is my exact problem (Checked the php pages), but I cannot find out how to remedy it.

The answer given above was "you can either change the string in the language file" or run a query.

I am blonde I have no idea how to do either  Confused

All help greatly appreciated and Thank you in advance
which language you are using for the forum - can we have forum url

I am using English American

I have added a New Section within the Help Docs
"Galleries" = Title
"Starting Your Own Gallery" = Description

Which is showing as Section ID 3, but it is not showing in the forum itself.

I did manage to change the wording in an existing help document, by editing "Edit Language Variables"
d5_document and that worked really well

But this doesn't help in adding a new section or totally new documents

By the way for forum is not live as yet, hoping to send it live this evening sometime
^ would you like to PM me temporary access to forum admin panel to check it
Help documents are working fine in MyBB version 1.8 have you upgraded from any other version or you changed any file?
No have not upgraded, brand new installation 2 days ago.

Help documents are working, but they are not reflecting changes I have made to them in the ACP panel.

A new Category has not been added, and alterations I have made are not showing up. They are reflecting changes in the "Help Documents" Admin panel, but those changes are not carrying through to the forum itself.

The forum for some reason is reading from the .php pages, and not the database, and I do not know how to change it so it collects data from the database not the .php pages.

I would willingly work from the .php pages, but do not know how to add extra sections and documents, so they will work correctly
as .m. said,
We need to check this issue from back End so if you like to provide us temporary access to the forum to see what is issue.
Thank you so much for your help, the support received has been amazing :-)