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Full Version: Report Button & Reputation dialogs.
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I've ran into an another set of problems recently.


The report button doesn't work. I don't think it shows the dialog whats so ever. I even tried it on an another copy of myBB ( yet the same problem occurs. I had asked a friend upon this, they had confirmed the same. Not to sure if this is a bug or not.

And finally the reputation dialogs are not showing in the center of the screen.
[Image: 83ce7486648953715d1f0967db889a85.png]

Thanks in advance,
Check that your reports/reputation templates are using the correct javascript and that your theme has the modal css in it
I reverted the report button to its orginal, and the dialog now works.

However what happening in the screenshot is happening to both. What do I need to edit to get this working.
You converted this theme from 1.6 right? In that case, try looking in the updated templates in ACP and use the diff option to see the differences and edit to make it work.
[Image: fae9068cd0728cdf8e5bb7a671d1760b.png]

Also, I have observed an another problem with the forum:
[Image: 4147d51bda96979fc9c19599a9db6daa.png]
This happens once I post a post (not to sure about threads) and it doesn't allow me to use the inline moderation tool.

If you wish, you can login to the forums from the details I had provided from last time and have a check/ play around.

At the moment, I can't see what is preventing this or causing such error.
It is the same issue. When you convert a theme from 1.6 to 1.8 you need to also update the javascript, and, because jQuery is using class selectors, you need to ensure that all the required classes are present in the templates.

I dont need to click around the forums because I KNOW this is the issue.

I'm still expereiencing the same issue (been rather busy lately).

[Image: 3b54b32eabc67475d687ac1896a19599.png]
Shows the updated templates.

What javascript would I need to update may I ask?

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards,

Ok. I've just fixed this.

The only problem I've got now is that I can't use inline moderation after posting since it keeps loading (infact, i can't do much).
Bumping this topic again.

[Image: 4147d51bda96979fc9c19599a9db6daa.png]This happens once I post a post.. the loading icon stays and isn't removed after it has processed. Any guidance or help would be much appreciated!