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Full Version: Homepage Error/Issue
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Hi myBB users. I am having a slight set back with a recent error on my forum.

The error has to do with the homepage. I have accidentally deleted this inc/languages/english/portal.lang.php . I was cleaning out my Panel and mistaked it for the Portal Cutoff plugin. This part that I deleted is essential because I can no longer use my Homepage now. It just looks like this . Any ideas, suggestions, or fixes would be much appreciated!

Thank you.
well, obviously you have to add back that language file to its location on your MyBB files server
if you have installed forum manually then you should be having that file somewhere in your computer
if not, you have to get the file from MyBB source files package. exactly which MyBB version you are using ?
I am using myBB version 1.8.4 .

Sorry for this waste of time. I was able to find the source code and add it back. Thank you for the support.