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Full Version: My site went offline
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Hi, my site went offline and gave me a 500 error. Whenever it came back online, it said there was 300 members online. That is a very rare occurrence as my forum usually only gets 30 members at most.
I'm not sure what happened, but I was wondering if this issue happens often to MyBB?
No, it doesn't happen unless there is some misconfiguration. can we have your forum url
There's no misconfiguration. This randomly happened and the site has been up for many months. It just randomly occurred about 30 minutes ago where my site went offline. Do you think it could be host related? Because once the site got back on I noticed there was about 300 guests. I figured someone had spammed my board with bots or something. I'm not sure though.
it can be host related. most of those guests might be bots (including antivirus crawlers)

I could not see a robots.txt file for your forum. it should exist to try preventing access to unwanted bots

if your forum uses tapatalk plugin then that might be also a cause for those large number of guests
Is it also possible that someone attempted to DDoS my site?
^ it doesn't look like DDoS attempt however can't rule out and that needs to be confirmed by your web host