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Full Version: Soft delete issue.
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Soft delete isn't disabling when disabled..

Running 1.8.4, Any fixes?

[Image: 582e0ab04a.png]

[Image: 8008fa58a7.png]
Have you read the setting description? "If enabled, posts and threads deleted by users will be hidden and can be restored by moderators." - that means that only regular users won't be able to soft delete their posts. Moderators/admins can still use mod tools to soft delete them and there is no way to prevent that without at least several core files edits.
What I mean is I am pretty sure I deleted my post permanently using the delete button you see in the image.

Thing is it soft deletes them now even if I made no setting changes.

Only thing I recently did was add the new "Edit History Log_#2_stable" plugin by Starpaul20.
The buttons in postbit use soft deletion for mods/admins by default. However, there may be another setting for it:
So this will be added to 1.8.5?

Also would this be the core file editing you mentioned?
(04-08-2015, 02:41 AM)Spizy Wrote: [ -> ]So this will be added to 1.8.5?

Maybe. Either that or 1.8.6.

(04-08-2015, 02:41 AM)Spizy Wrote: [ -> ]Also would this be the core file editing you mentioned?

No, but you can use it for the button.
I just replaced my editpost.php from 1.8.4 to the one in 1.8.3 and it works now.

The 1.8.3 editpost.php is attached.