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Full Version: Fix this error
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Hey there,
I keep on getting this error message upon search.
[Image: YNCeo4K.png]

Please help me fix this.

It says Warning [2] Invalid argument supplied for foreach() - Line: 882 - File: inc/functions_search.php PHP 5.4.34 (Linux)

/inc/functions_search.php 882 errorHandler->error
/search.php 1442 perform_search_mysql

exactly which MyBB version you are using & does that error occur for whatever search words you use ?
Fixed it myself Smile Thanks. plugin issue .m. changed the functions php
plugin name = online today

Please close this.

Edit yes it was for whatever words
Taking [How To?] Fix this error 123 as this thread is not here in the forums.
also [How To?] Fix this errorsss....etc