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Full Version: Phb-BB 3.0.13 | Problem with smiles in post
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Hi there,

I recently use merge to migrate from a Php-bb 3.0.13 forum, all modules work fine (except attachements, but i realy don't care).

Now when i see a post, all "the old smiles" change for something like this:

<!-- s:star: --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/star.png" alt=":star:" title="estrella" /><!-- s:star: --> 

I know i can add cumton smiles with dat code and can be replace for the old smiles, but when someone hold in the "smile" looks ugly

[Image: ZAyAJNg.jpg]

Is there another way to fix it?

From already ty.

Unfortunately not really. I still need to look at phpbb's smilies. You could try running a query to update them but I'm not sure whether that really would work