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Full Version: site logo and themes
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where does one put the site logo jpeg in my bb and also any links to some good forum themes for my site.

i installed a few but the gfx went all wrong for some reason so back to default atm ;(

site here
Hi there soundwave.

For graphics, usually you'd want to put them inside your theme images directory. This makes it more organized for you so that you can have a slightly tuned logo for each theme so that the colors match well. You don't have to do it this way though.

Then, go to your ACP -> Templates and Style -> (theme you're using) - click it -> then set the path to the logo based on where you placed it via FTP or whatever you used.

For themes, check out the Extend themes section at . Some of the category counters are a bit off (we're working on that bug!), so don't be too discouraged at first sight.

Themes can also be found on these forums in the Plugin Releases section at . Make sure any one you pick is tagged [For 1.8].