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Full Version: ABP Force Portal
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ABP Force Portal

This plugin redirects users who come (back) to index page and didn't visit the forum since a delay (fixed by admin) to the portal page.
Guests and members can have different delay until be redirected.

  • Deactivate the plugin from ACP
  • Install the plugin

  • Unzip the .zip
  • Copy the UPLOAD contents to the forum root
  • Activate plugin in ACP

  • portal page (must be a MyBB page)
  • delay for guest (in hours)
  • delay for members (in hours)

english, french

Useful :thumbsup:
very good idea....

edit: how can i make it so its to the portal if there are new posts? And to the index if there are no new posts?
I won't add this feature, too heavy for a simple redirection.
It needs informations about the portal (displayed fid) and compare (count) last post date with last user' activity timestamp.

And if you choose another landing page than portal, it won't be useful.
I correct the install procedure, it was containing a call to a non-existant function. (build #8 - version 1.6)
hi man,
i copy files to mybb directory correctly. when i want active this plugin get this error
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ';' in C:\xampp\htdocs\mybb\inc\plugins\abp_forceportal.php on line 133

that line is:
$ugroup = explode(','; $mybb->user['additionalgroups']);
must be change to
$ugroup = explode(',', $mybb->user['additionalgroups']);
Sorry for the typo, I correct it immediatly