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Full Version: Unable to send mail
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Just installed mybb on a dedicated server.
first I installed the wrong version and had to start over but now it works. except sending mails.
So when a player registers the confirmation mail doesn't get sent.


There's one error with files that I need to fix but it shouldn't mess with the mail?
Language Files ./inc/languages Not Writable
Please CHMOD to 777.

Error in System mail log: MyBB was unable to send the email using the PHP mail() function.

I noticed it's trying to send the mail from my gmail account and I haven't given it any password so it might be that causing it. I am using phpmail and not smtp.

Any help would be appreciated
you should get that fixed after completion of domain name propagation.
please contact your web host & domain provider for related guidance
What would I have to change for the domain? I think it's the mail sender having a problem. it's trying to send from my gmail mail to the registration email and I didn't specify the password for my gmail anywhere. how will be able to send it?
for the php mail system, your gmail id entered in MyBB settings is used as sender's address
but actually that gmail account is not involved in sending the mail.

Mail server is usually configured with the domain name.

see php mail test
Tried that and it returns
PHP could not send the mail

"Mail server is usually configured with the domain name. "

So the place I bought the domain?
^ please contact your web host (or whoever manages the server)
It's a dedicated server that I own. I manage it xD
Would it just be better to setup a smtp server?

Alright, installed smtp server and can get it to send mail. how do I change what mail it sends from?