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Full Version: [Suggestion] Display plugins codename
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Hello there,

I think it could be useful to have, in the project's owner control panel, an indication of the codename of the plugin.

I've some old ones without the info in the plugin (they are 1.6 I've verified and submited in 1.8) and I can't be sure of the codename I gave them. Quite embarassing if I want to create new versions with the good values (and good filenames).
Thank you for your suggestion. It is on our to-do list for the mods site when developers have the time to implement it. Unfortunately I am unable to tell you the codename of your project.
If you have some clue what codename you may have used during the project setup, you can verify it using the plugin update API:[]=codename
If a project appears in the <plugins> tree - that's the one.
Ok, I'll have a look on the API