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Full Version: Image URL produces image without my code
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Hey, is there anyway to get it that when u post a URL containing an image on a forum it will just automatically post the image?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also how do I get this text box to appear on my forum? Right now it's just a box without the ability to centre things or anything
can you elaborate your requirements please ..
if text editor is not showing its tool bar then provide forum url & a test user account
If you want to display an image from an url, you have to use the img tag, not the url.

Having a system which check if the url is an image or a web page will use too much resources, using the good tag is better.
If it uses too much resources then why do sites like proboard have it?
Because they have enough resources.

Proboard earns money with their system, they have a servers farm, it's a commercial society.
We can develop a plugin doing what you want, I can do it with a small modification of ABP Auto-Download Pictures, but it'll slow your forum if you have a lot of urls in a displayed page.
In all honesty a plugin would be great. Don't plan on thousands of pictures being put on site through it. Just for ease of use for my users
You need a plugin for this, In post parser hook check if url ending with valid image extension [*.jpg, *.jpeg, .*gif, etc etc], If yes then auto add IMG tag else skip.