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Full Version: Same forum, two subdomains
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I would like to know if it would be possible to use the same database on two subdomains.
I would like to have something like forum1.domain.tld and forum2.domain.tld pointing to the same database but with different template.
Cookies shouldn't be a problem as it would be on the same domain, however I'm wondering about the attachments and navigation links. The installation should be linked so all the files should be at one place.

There was an attempt for this :
But I'm with MyBB 1.8 and the project is not updated anymore.

I didn't see anything related for mobile theme except this : but I don't understand the part on plugin stuff.
It says it has been solved with a plugin but there is just some code.

Did anybody know how I could manage this ?
So you want to switch the theme to mobile if someone enters another subdomain link? I think you're better of using GoMobile - it changes it automatically instead of overcomplicating it for both you and your users:
Sorry Destroy666, I didn't explain so well ^^"
I searched for mobile related thread as one of the possibility for mobile was to use a m.domain.tld to switch for a mobile compatible theme.
In my case I don't want to do a mobile theme but I would like to use a different theme on the other subdomain.
In that case, you can try .htaccess redirects (to the same subdomain) with QSA flags which append the ?theme=1 GET parameter, where 1 is the theme ID for a specific subdomain. Other solutions require much more work and time.
Thanks Destroy666, I will try with this.