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Full Version: Demoted no admin?
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i demoted my self i need admin privileges can someone help me plz.
have a look at common SQL queries guidance & find required query to promote your position on your forum !
i dont understand the code where to place im running on a new phpadmin
^ please see the referred guidance once again. it has all the details.
forum administrator has to understand & learn to use such SQL queries
phpmyadmin > select you database > query

then run this

UPDATE `mybb_users` SET `usergroup` = '4' WHERE `uid` = '1' 

Make sure to change your table prefix to yours, and the uid.
cant seem to find the code thought i tryed so many times

I found i tryed doing the code inside nothing seems to happen is there a other way . Can someone support me like skype or something
You need to do this in phpmyadmin.