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Full Version: MyBB & Googles New Mobile SEO Compatibility Rules
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I have a concern regarding the MyBB & mobile views. I know that version 2.0 is coming soon. I just ran a test by Google from this article about the changes:  


under the "Mobile Friendly Test" link... test link here:

The first problem I saw, was when it asks is your website created by Joomla, CMS, or another software. I clicked there, and there are many listed, including other known forum software, but MyBB is not listed.
Second, when I ran the test it failed the tests. The results were as follows:

Page appears not mobile-friendly
Text too small to read
Links too close together
Mobile viewport not set

I just wanted to make the MyBB Community & Developers aware of this test, and new rules regarding search engine optimization compatibility.

I thank you for your time and hope that this is worked out in a future version.

This is a known issue and MyBB 2.0 will be fully responsive. For now, you can always install a plugin such as GoMobile to provide a mobile friendly interface for your forum.