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Full Version: Uploading file on PLESK
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Hi everyone,

I installed completely a new MyBB 1.8 on a shared hosting server which actually sets for windows hosting. Everything work well but main problem is "File Upload Size Limitation", all users can not upload files bigger than 2MB, if their file is bigger than 2MB, Server shows an "500 - Internal Server Error".
Although maximum file size upload in PHP sets to 16MB but this limitation exist yet!!
All the settings for attachments are set correctly. Also I purge the cache but it does not make anything.

Have ever seen this problem with the PLESK?
Does any one knows how to fix it??

MyBB: 1.8


I added a PHP.INI file into root of website with this codes:
upload_max_filesize = 16M
post_max_size = 16M
But the problem exist yet. 
It seems "Internal Server Error" caused by another things in upload time.

Steel Working On Problem...
Your hosting might be enforcing 2MB (and you can't overwrite the limit). You should contact them, we can't do anything.