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Full Version: Admin cp problem
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one hour ago i have changed the name of my admin directory name after that when i want to do any action in the acp like install/activate plugin , changing group images i have an error that say "Server Error" . any one know what is the issue .

Edit : i noticed that the problem only with install/activate new plugins and changing user group images .

Edit : i noticed that the cuase is a plugin but i dont know which one is ?
when you get that error does the URL point to earlier admin directory ?
does server error log exist at the web host panel ? if it does then have you checked latest entries ..
i have changed the admin directory name again to admin .
Did you change the directory name in inc/config.php? $config['admin_dir']
yes i changed and then changed back to admin again .

can i pm you my login details so that you can taste the problem by your self ?