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Full Version: 'lock'/'archive' an existg individual post, ie cannot be replied to ?
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2 related (I hope Blush ) questions... or should I post separate ?

1. How/if possible to' lock' an existing post so it cannot be replied to, but other posts in the active forum may still be replied to.

2. Related, how to eventually 'archive' posts, ie where does it go and how folks may still 'search' for the subject for future help... but it may not be in an active (visible) forum and the post may not be modified without mod/admin ok ?

Thoughts ?
1. you mean closing a thread from further replies... its done from "Moderation options" at the bottom while viewing a thread

2. you can create a archive forum - that is a forum with the "Forum is Open?" option unchecked under Additional Forum Options in the forum's settings page in the ACP... then you can move threads to this forum and those threads can be searched and viewed but cannot be replied to/modified...