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Full Version: Forum moving, not background
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i have a background added, and if i scroll down there is all white. I want that the Forum is moving on the Background, so there is no white border.

Is there any way to remove the white border?


body {
background: url(../../../Wallpaper.png) no-repeat center top;

no-repeat center top

background: url(../../../Wallpaper.png);
But now the picture is there 2 times. Thats not the solve...
I want that there is 1 picture and the forum is moving on this picture like in this forum:

But in my Forum there is the picture now 2 times.
Go global.css

Add in body
body {
background-attachment: fixed !important;
background: url(../../../Wallpaper.png) no-repeat center top;

Then all done Smile
Thank you. Very nice!
(05-08-2015, 08:31 PM)EinfachRobin Wrote: [ -> ]Thank you. Very nice!

If this worked feel free to mark my post as Best Answer Smile