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Full Version: Host?
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I want to setup a forum like MyBB, i would like to start simple and have a decent - low price (small forum) for my community.

I want full managment too of the forum.. im new to this kind of type but ive had FTP for a while and a server without a forum for 3-4 years now..

Its been requested too much so ive going for MyBB in the start and maybe XenForo in the end.

So are there any good host i should pick?


Im really new to this MyBB, but i would love to try it!

- Multi // GN Big Grin
Full management is tricky. Generally I'd tell users to check out this thread, but I'm depending your needs the only host on their that is fully managed might not be enough for you. 

You are generally best off just dealing with updates and accessories on your own, or recruiting a technical admin to help you out with that sort of thing. 

edit: What is the forum for, what types of plugins would you need?
Well I'd say Hostinger is a great option for as long as I'm using it. is the best dude I've been with them for a year now not a issue its a free host with unlimited bandwidth and stuff! But you need 50% Disk space used just to get upgraded to Unmetered Disk Space, after that you can go on their support forums and ask them to upgrade your account. It's free by the way Smile