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Full Version: usernames for posts changed with PHPmyAdmin but changes not reflected on MyBB forum
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For reasons I wanted to change the username for all posts made by user xyz to username abc...

Should be easy: MyPHP search for table: forum_posts and edit all posts containing 'username' "xyz" to 'username' "abc".

So I did just that but even after rebuilding the cache, the forum keeps showing username "xyz", not the new name in the database "abc".

All I could find was this:
(06-18-2011, 10:36 AM)Matt. Wrote: [ -> ]Don't edit settings in the database, it's not what the forum actually directly uses. If you edit settings in the database you have to then delete ./inc/settings.php so it regenerates with the new setting you set.
(but that was in the context of changing the board name... I don't think settings.php is important for my problem?).

So the question that remains, for me, is: what does the forum directly use? : )


You also have to change the uid column.
Ah that was rather easy - and obvious, in hindsight : )



Post-edit: for others looking at this... Also look for lastposter & lastposteruid...! ; )

I've got a follow up question...

Is it safe to change the user id of a user?

In Table: forum_users, there is a column "uid" for the userid. Am I free to change that to a new number? And would that work for admin accounts too?

Post-edit: it appears you can safely do this. Just to be sure I did it through phpadmin, searching for the exact user id in column "uid". Whenever possible, I changed the 'offending' uid by the new one.