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Full Version: MyBB 1.8.4 Stop Forum Spam is enabled, but link to logs Tools & Maintenance is gone?
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I made some phpadmin changes to some user id's and user names. Probably unrelated, but I had to mention it anyway.

In there used to be a SPAM Log with automatically removed / blocked spam accounts. I cannot find that link any longer :/

[code]Log StopForumSpam blocks?
Should every StopForumSpam block be logged?[code]
This is enabled.

What else can I do? Where to look at? Did I screw up in PhpMyAdmin? : )


Update admin permissions.

ACP -> Users & Groups -> Admin Permissions -> User/Group Permissions -> Tools & Maintenance -> Can manage spam logs?
For a 'destroyer' you sure fix a lot of things ; -) Appreciated, once again! And boy, was that option hidden well! I'd never have found it :/ And you were right, Spam Logs was set to NO. Fixed now : )



PS: it looks like the update needed to be done on user level AND administrator group level...