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Full Version: Open multiple threads
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Hello MyBB,
I'm wondering if there's a way to do something like this:
  • Define a template, something like a phrase, some text, some code
  • Open multiple topics in different sub-forums and include that template in the topmost post

For example: I've got a board dedicated to University. I made a subforum for each subject. In each subforum, there's a "Notes" sticky topic, where we collect various notes. There's a topic introduction which explains to users how to post notes, shows some links, etc.

I want to save that common introduction (ex: NOTES - here we collect notes. To post notes...) in a template,, a variable, or something other, so I can edit it and modify it for each "notes" topic in each subforum, so I don't have to re-post it each time.

Can I do this in some way?

Greetings from Italy!
Hi MyBB,
I am wondering if there's a way to fast-open multiple posts in various and numerous sub-forums.
For each sub-forum, I've got to open a sticky thread with a simple introduction, common to all, but all these threads MUST BE UNIQUE (not shared between subforums, so not a global announcement).

Is there a way to do itĀ fast, avoiding repetitive "new thread, copy text, post thread, etc."?
Thanks for your attention
please do not start multiple threads here for the same requirement !
I'm sorry, I was undecided. They're similar at first sight but not the same requirement Wink