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Full Version: member.php(1834) : eval()'d code on line 21
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I've recently noticed a problem.

When a user fails to sign up, he gets the following error:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ')' in /home/u598811321/public_html/forum/member.php(1834) : eval()'d code on line 21

I downloaded the MyBB package again and replaced the member.php and still this doesn't fix the problem.

The line 21 from the member.php is:
$templatelist .= ",member_profile_modoptions_manageuser,member_profile_modoptions_editprofile,member_profile_modoptions_banuser,member_profile_modoptions_viewnotes,member_profile_modoptions,member_profile_modoptions_editnotes,member_profile_modoptions_purgespammer,postbit_reputation_formatted,postbit_warninglevel_formatted";

Also, line 17 seems to not follow the "pattern":
$templatelist = "member_register,member_register_hiddencaptcha,member_coppa_form,member_register_coppa,member_register_agreement_coppa,member_register_agreement,usercp_options_tppselect,usercp_options_pppselect,member_register_referrer,member_register_customfield,member_register_requiredfields";

And again, this is from the official package, I didn't edit anything.

Edit: Now that I replaced it with the original file, it doesn't let me to log in.
Can you check the content of the "member_login" template? The error in member.php is on line 1834, within a template. You can tell from the error message:

Quote:member.php(1834) : eval()'d code on line 21

Means the eval() is on line 1834 of member.php, and the error is on line 21 of the template been evaluated.
Didn't knew, I am bit of a newbie Toungue

It's fixed now, it was an </if> tag on line 20 and not 21 for some reason.

Alright, glad you got it fixed Smile
To add some extra on this.

When I go to the login form, there's no captcha while asking for it. I temporary fixed it by setting the value of "Number of failed logins before verification required" to "0".

Any idea why this is happening?


I use recaptcha nocaptcha