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Full Version: Cleaner messaging
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New installation of 1.8
PM me for a test account login

The forum I'm working with is for non-technical users. I want them to use our PM system, but the default system is sort of messy. I'd like something more like a chat client or email, with 1 conversation with each user, a threaded view, etc.
Anyone know how I could do this?
From what I can understand the MyBB System is fine, but you do not like the design? In which case you can edit template(s) that the PM system uses to suit your needs. However, If you are not happy with the core system at all, you would need to have someone write a plugin for you or you could do it yourself.
I just feel that users who aren't accustomed to PM systems will be confused by the way responses are made (i.e. non-threaded conversations, quotes, etc.).
It's a valid point, you now have two options:
1.) Code a plugin to change the PM System to match your needs.
2.) Write Documentation for users who are confused with the PM System
Since I'm a bioengineer and not a CS major, I think I'll have to opt for the second haha.

What's the best way to display a readme/tutorial on the first login? Is there a plugin that will do this? I found some old ones, but they're not compatible with 1.8
Send me a link to the old plugins that you found!
That plugin will work just use this as your redirectonreg.php file:
Thanks it did install. How do I add the redirect URL now?. It's a sticky in one of my forums.

I figured out how to edit it. But the problem is users are unable to see it until they activate their account via email. I guess I need this to run after they click the activation link?