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Full Version: Member Registration broken
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Hi, just wondering if anyone could help me.

The registration form on my forum,, has stopped working. When you fill out all the details and click submit literally nothing happens.

For some reason also the scrollbar has stopped working and so doesnt let u scroll down.

Any help would be greatly appreciated
Did you remove or delete anything from that page?
Nope, havent touched it. I was doing stuff to the header > welcomeblockguest page which i know has caused the scrollbar issue but even when i change it back to how it was the register form wont send.
Does it work if you change back to the mybb default style?
It does seem to work when i change the theme back to an older one. Does this mean its a theme issue? And if so how would i go about fixing it on this theme?
You have three themes installed on your forum which one did you just try with?
I just copied the working member reg code from an earlier theme onto the new thread and it didnt work so it must be elsewhere. Any thoughts?
I imagine it's something to do with either jQuery or Java, use an online comparison tool and check for any major differences in the default mybb header and your custom one.
Alright thank you, will it be a header problem?
Either that or a missing resource such as a jQuery file.
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