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I recently have taken over a forum and the former owner didn't leave me any instructions as to how to change things and modify the look of stuff. I'm soooo confused. IF someone can help me with this, i'd greatly appreciate it. I have html, css knowledge so i'm not a complete fool, I'm just not used to this setup. Thanks a bunch!!!
Anything in particular you need help with? I can try to help. Smile
I may help you...Just mail me over the topic u need help as far as Administrating The MyBB is concerned.
For any other Queries... ,This community is Vey helpful and Quick to answer !!!
You can read abit about MyBB themes manager here
Ok I have a stupid question... I'm trying to install a new theme..and it says to create a folder in my MyBB's images directory ... where in the hell is that lol ohh jesus i'm such a noob haha
The folder in your main MyBB folder called "images"
Same question by you here Toungue
ok I got my ftp got my image file.. yay go me.. ok but after I connect and I try to send something, nothing happens. I have smartftp.. any suggestions? Thanks
Hey Kyla.
On the left hand side of SmartFTP you should have the forums files (images, admin, css etc.) then on the right hand side of FTP you should have YOUR files which are on your computer (music, pictures etc.).
What exactly are you trying to upload to the forum?

Starting with an easy one.
Adding avatars to the forums Avatar Gallery...
public_html > images > avatars > avatars are located here.
To add new avatars to the gallery(s) you go to the location of the avatars using the right hand-side of the FTP. Then once you've found them you click on it so it's highlighted and click the UPLOAD button and it will then copy the selected avatar(s) from the right hand-side of the FTP over to the location on the left hand-side.

There's an image below to help you out...
My Smart FTP looks a different...
Here's mine:
[Image: -fpot598w.jpg]

If yours looks more like mine, I just drag and drop into the folder.

Hope that helps
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