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Full Version: Custom profile field contents not retained
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I have set up a custom profile field that is required during rego, as a means to determine whether the people are eligible/legitimate for the forum, before I activate them.

It has been strange that there was no data in this field when I go to activate new regos - they are completely empty.

I thought the "required" process was not working.

However, I have done some test regos to check this.

Data can be entered and it is certainly acting as "required" before rego can be completed.

Why are the entries to that field not showing up in the profiles?

I am using V 1.6.15.  It also did not work prior to last upgrade.
Settings in Custom profile fields: Required: yes; Editable: Yes; Hidden: No
Image attached of that field's options. (I don't know what the 200 at the bottom means)

I look forward to your assistance.
that last field is Minimum post count
(Should this field only be available to users with a certain post count?
If so, set the minimum amount of posts required here)

change its value to 0 (zero) so that it can be shown while registering new account.

I'd suggest to upgrade your forum to version 1.6.16
I'll change that field to zero and give that a go.

thank you