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Full Version: Redirect Error and Registering
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So I have been recently having issues with the redirecting for the login. I login and then it redirects me back without logging me in. I have looked at my cache and it is all setup the way that the wiki told me to. Anyways some people can get it and some people like me can't get in. Some people also can't register without it redirecting them back to the homepage by clicking on the I agree button.

Here is my forums:
if you see this post before GMT 06:00 then you may PM me temporary access to your forum admin panel & files.
(not sure about my availability after GMT 07:00)
Well now it just lost all of the css on my end.

Resource not found; clear the theme cache and try again.
referred issues should be fixed now.
I've made cache folder & its contents writable and added www for the board url

if any member still has login issues then should clear browser cookies set by your forum by clicking link provided on this page