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Full Version: Categorie Issue
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Yes Hello I have an issue with part of my theme on the Categories part its too big looking I have tried deleting them and re doing them all ready here example of what it looks like not sure what our were I need to change in order to fix this issue.

[Image: Untitled_zpsx5tacdh2.jpg]

my site link is

Yes and I use Mybb 1.8 if anyone can help me would be great full.
Look in themes > Theme name > Global.css

Look for .thead and edit the height: 40px;
Okay I found it what should I edit too its 40 PX right now ?

Nothing seems to be working .

Anyone ?
In global.css, findĀ .thead and change the line-height from 40px to 20px...

i always prefer to keep the line-height at 50% of height.. your thead has 40px height, so put the line-height to 20px...