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Full Version: fix forum load half window (only in chrome) instead of full window as it has to be !!
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how to fix this

[Image: attachment.php?aid=34307]

This shows up when i log in the member account only, guests can quickly visit the site without any issues but when a member uses it this is what happens

when opening my website on firefox or internet explorer , it opens it completely but when i open it on chrome, the site loads half way and page become half   (seems like it is not fully loaded and when i move the mouse on it, it auto fix but this happens only for member ids not guests

this happens for every page i open , so i can say it is irritating

how do i fix this issue ??
provide forum url & a test user account so that someone can check the issue ..
^ its looking normal for me - navigated around and returned to index page a number of times (Chrome Version 43.0.2357.65)
have you tried hard refreshing browser (eg. press CTRL + F5)
i can confirm the issue.. it happens yes, but only for a split second before the size gets adjusted automatically...

try to remove the "overflow: hidden;" property for "#content" in global.css and then check logging in...
ok thank u i will change and test it again

Thank you so much
this fixed the issue !!